Six Week Small Group Intensive - 7 spots left!

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Clear what doesn’t serve you anymore
Create the space you need to show up fully in this world and your life.


Ok friends, tell me if this sounds familiar.

  • You’re ready to finally clear your life of clutter, busyness and overwhelm but you have zero idea where to start
  • Or you finally do start to dig through your cupboards and closets but hours later it’s as though you’ve made no progress at all

Oh wait, I know! 

  • There’s a little nagging voice following you around making you second guess your every decluttering decision. “don’t get rid of that… maybe you’ll need it someday!” 
  • You know you want your life to look and feel different but you feel frustrated and powerless.  Ugh!


    This group coaching program is just what you need to know your next best steps.  This time will be different, you can feel it.


    In this 6-week small group intensive you’ll get the support, accountability and the mentorship you need to clear your life and keep it that way. 

    Never heard of group coaching when it comes to clutter clearing, simplifying and making your life, well, easier?

    Imagine joining forces with a group of like-minded women are ready to do the work.  You’ll listen to each other’s stories, feel less alone and motivate each other to take action.  When you need to vent and let it all out, they’ll be there for you.  When you’re bouncing off the walls excited to share your positive progress, they’ll be cheering for you!

    At the end of the six weeks, you’ll finally be able to:

    • Focus on your family without distractions
    • Spend less time cleaning your home
    • Have a clearer mind because of your clearer physical space
    • Stop the clutter and busyness from creeping back into your life

    Sounds good right?  So, here’s exactly what you’ll get in this program

    Coaching: One private 1 on 1 coaching call with me to get clear on where you are and where you see yourself at the end of the program (let’s untangle your thoughts, fears and frustrations by determining your next best step)

    Community: One weekly group coaching video call with all 8 women – everyone will get a chance to ask for help as well as offer support to others (pssst…  this is where the real magic happens)

    Accountability: Private FB group where you’ll check in and out each week with what you plan to accomplish that week and how it went.  You can count on me to keep you on track  through these check-ins.

    These six weeks have the power to completely transform your life.  

    And yes, it will involve some commitment and work on your part BUT with my guidance this necessary work will feel easier. 

    Plus you’ll be setting your life up to be simpler and easier for the days to come. 

decluttering, clutter, coaching, support

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the course running? Late October to early December 2018.  And before you gasp and think you couldn’t possibly do this before such a busy time of year…  I’ll say it’s  A PERFECT time of year to set your home and life up for your least stressful holiday season ever. 

How do I pay?  Payments can be made through PayPal (remember, I like to keep things simple!) And payment is due before October 22 to hold your spot.  You get 6 weeks of group coaching, a private call with me and lifetime access to the private Facebook group for $297 USD

Do you offer payment plans?  Yes!  I know there are so many opportunities to spend your money out there– and I want to make this decision as easy on you as possible.  You can pay for the program upfront or split it into 3 payments of $99.

When will the coaching calls be?  Once I receive your payment to secure your place in the program, I’ll give you access to book your one on one call with me to happen early in the program.  

Once we have our group set, I’ll poll all members to determine the best time that works for all for the weekly group calls.

How long do I have access to the private Facebook group?  After the six weeks is complete, the group will be archived but you will have forever access to it.


Still on the fence?  I get it.  But if you have an urge deep down inside telling you that this feels right for you, follow your gut and seriously, let’s just do this. 

For many of you, this will be the first time experiencing a program like this.  It’s normal to be apprehensive even if you’re drawn to it. 

And if the price tag scares you, remember:  this program has the capacity to positively affect your finances for the rest of your life!  You can learn how to stop impulse shopping and spending money on more “stuff”.  Heck, you may even find extra stuff around your house to sell that will pay for the course entirely!

If you’ve enjoyed the space I hold for people in the Clear Your Life Community or found value in my blog – I just know you’ll get so much out of this program. 

When you’re ready to reserve your spot, let’s make this happen!  Email me direct: and I’ll get you all set up.

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