What if you could speed up your clutter-clearing progress in just one hour?

You’ve read a few blogs and books, and even taken a couple of bags of tacky old vacation knick knacks to the donation drop off center.  But when you come home, you look around and all you see is more stuff.  

You feel stuck, paralyzed and you don’t know what to tackle next.  It feels slow and frustrating, like constantly taking one step forward, two steps back.   

Introducing Get Unstuck Sessions

Give me one hour and you’ll leave our time together feeling confident, excited and ready take action.  And when you take action with the right support behind you, you’ll see the results you’ve been wishing for! 

 Together, we’ll pick one main area of focus for your session.  What kind of results make you most excited?  Maybe:

  • Your ultimate pared down closet filled with just the right amount of clothes that you adore 
  • An inviting and warm kitchen that take less time to clean so you can spend more time with your family and friends
  • A calm, serene and organized home office that allows you to build your dream business
You’ll choose wherever you’re ready to see transformation and incredible progress.  A part of your life and home where you’re ready to create extra time, space and freedom so you can love and enjoy your life even more!

What’s included in your Get Unstuck Session?

One-hour 1:1  coaching call – we’ll meet on Zoom, a video conferencing app that’s super easy to use.  Based off of a pre-call intake form, you’ll answer my questions as we dig deep to uncover what area you should focus on and any clutter clearing blocks that are holding you back.  


Personalized Get Unstuck PDF Action Plan – it’s your 1:1 call, wrapped up neatly in an easy to read and follow format. Includes key points from your call, homework action items plus inspiration tailored specifically for you!


Your Get Unstuck Cloud File – includes your intake form, recording of our call and your Get Unstuck PDF


Plus – you’ll receive bonus affirmations designed specifically for you, from me!  Use them as inspiration on your phone wallpaper, computer background or to simply write and keep in your journal for when you need them most.

Who are these clutter coaching calls perfect for?

This call’s for you if you’ve already put effort into your clutter clearing, but aren’t seeing the results you hoped for.  Or, you were seeing results, and now you’ve stalled and just don’t know what to tackle next.  

Who are these calls... not so perfect for?

These short, action packed calls aren’t for you if your home is in such a state that you could be on the next episode of Lifetime Network’s Hoarders.  If this is you, I suggest an in-person professional organizer.

Or, If you’re house isn’t quite Hoarders-ready, but you know you’ll need more than an hour of my time and support, reach out to me at jen.lindsay.rao(at)gmail(dot)com – and we can discuss a three to six month intensive package where you’ll get much more face time with me.

 ps. I’m an optimist and lover of sparkles. You just had either loved or hated that I said that.  If you loved it, let’s talk.  If not, no hard feelings!

Here's what a client had to say after her Unstuck Session:

“Jen helped me transform my at-home office from a cluttered & stressful mess, to an inviting & inspiring space. Projects I had been putting off doing for MONTHS are now finally getting done. With less resistance and stress. And so much more ease and flow. 

Before working with Jen, I had no idea how much my physical clutter was impacting my work and my anxiety. I dreaded walked into my workspace every day, knowing the sense of overwhelm would creep up on me instantly. Mountains of paperwork, piles of mail to be opened, bills to be paid, etc – covering every inch of my desk / walls / drawers.

I read minimalism books, downloaded free guides, tried Pinterest organization hacks, and subscribed to tons of blogs but what I needed was THIS. Someone to see my home set-up, hear my challenges, and help me create a plan to work through it all.

Going into my session, I hoped I would be able to have a functional + organized desk. 

I got that AND clarity, confidence, and a peace of mind too. I left the session with a clear plan laid out for me. Jen created action items that felt so doable and I was able to tackle the cleaning projects in ways that felt good for me. 

And the bonus surprises were the affirmations and journaling prompts she gifted me after we met.  The way she weaves inner work into physical organization is SO powerful!”

Book your Get Unstuck Session for only $147

You deserve a home and life that you love, so start off 2019 right by investing in yourself…

Book today, I’m excited to work with you!


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